What if we want changes?

This is your wedding video so we are going to work with you to make any changes and make sure you have a film you love.

What if you have a hard drive fail?

Redundancy is a priority for us. All footage is backed up in 3 places and project files are stored on the cloud long after we deliver your video.

Will my family and friends still get to enjoy our wedding?

Yes! We don’t turn your big day into a production and always keep the enjoyment of your family and friends in mind.

How long before we will get our highlight?

We deliver your Highlight film, digitally, 8-10 weeks after your wedding.

What will you be wearing?

We dress the same as the guests to help us blend in to your wedding.

Will it feel like we have two photographers?

We always work seamlessly with photographers and the rest of the vendors so it will feel more like there is one team and not two. We also allow the photographer to direct and work around them.

What if our wedding goes long?

All of our packages include full day coverage. We work with you and your timeline and typically arrive toward the end of your hair and makeup and stay through all scheduled events.

Where do you capture all the audio?

We will have a small mic on the groom for the ceremony and the rest of the audio is captured through the sound board. We will keep your day as simple as possible so you won’t have to worry about anything else besides getting married!